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Moist-full Shea Butter
to Help Stabilization of Emulsifying
and Improvement of Texture

Shea Butter obtained through fermentation
that has outstanding emulsifying capacity
and comforting texture
Naturality 100%
Ingredients for
Stabilization of Emuslfying
Chemical Free
PEG Free
EWG Green
Vegan Certified
- Stickiness
+ Cushiony Feeling
Emulsifying capacity of BIOLIPID SHEA consisting of naturally 100 % ingredients increases due to the amphipathic lipids produced during the fermentation process as metabolites.
It corresponds to EWG Green. Also, it does not contain any chemical ingredient or surfactant. It is certified by Korea Agency of Vegan.
It is biodegradable and eco-friendly product suitable for clean beauty cosmetics.

Unlike the stereotype that the formula with butter is oily and sticky, it provides non-sticky and cushiony feeling.

How is BIOLIPID SHEA made?
Stabilization of Emulsifying 
is Improved
by Butter Fermentation.
BIOLIPID SHEA is made by fermentation using ‘Candida Bombicola’, the patented microorganism of United Active. Various amphipathic lipids are produced as metabolites during metabolism that help to improve emulsifying capacity.
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Shea Butter
Candida Bombicola
(UA-06, Patented)
See morphology of micelle in the formulation that BIOLIPID SHEA is used.
Circular Shape.
Samll Size.
Homogeneous Dispersion.
The micelle in formulation emulsified well is small, shaped like circle and dispersed evenly.
The picture(right) shows the micelles
in formulation that BIOLIPID SHEA is used
as a emulsifier. 
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